Officers and Employees (In Alphabetical Order - By Last Name)

A - B - C
Linda M. Barnette Loan Operations Manager 
Gayle M. Berry Assistant Cashier and Proof Operations Manager
Linda L. Bird Paying and Receiving
Leigh A. Breeden Assistant Auditor
Jerry P. Brown Cashier
Karolee K. Burton Compliance Officer
Phyllis J. Canterbury Assistant Vice President
Clara B. Carmichael Assistant Cashier, Loans
Beth J. Carnefix Paying and Receiving
Debra G. Casey Paying and Receiving
Joni M. Cavender Auditor
Don C. Chapman Bank Secrecy Officer
John E. Childers Building Manager
Penny L. Collier Proof Operations
Suzanne A. Craigo Proof Operations
Rhonda L. Cunningham Electronic Banking
D - E - F  
Jeffrey R. Davis Loan Officer
Toni L. Davis Paying and Receiving
Keisha B. Dunn Paying and Receiving
Denise D. Edwards Electronic Banking
Marsha D. Eggleton Paying and Receiving
Tina M. Ellison Bank Secrecy Assistant
Sandra S. Engle Paying and Receiving
Whitney B. Fewell  Bookkeeping 
Rebecca L. Foster Vault Manager
Rebecca J. Foster Paying and Receiving
G - H - I  
James E. Gordon Loan Officer
Cheryl Halstead Paying and Receiving
Diana E. Handley Paying and Receiving 
Erin E. Handley Bookkeeping
Lora V. Hart Branch Manager
Kimberly M. Helper Paying and Receiving 
Amanda A. Hodges Bookkeeping
J - K - L  
Barbara J. Johnson Bookkeeping
Jessica R. Johnson  Credit Analyst
Allison B. Jones  Controller
Richard M. Jordan  Assistant Vice President and Security Officer
John B. Lawman Operations
Claudia S. Leadman Loan Operations
Tina M. Leadmon Paying and Receiving
Retha A. Lemon  Paying and Receiving 
Cathy M. Lippert Loan Operations
M - N - O  
Terri S. Manley Credit Analyst
Bryan J. McCallister Bookkeeping
Sherry L. McClure Paying and Receiving
Marilou McKinney Paying and Receiving
Darlena F. Meadows Paying and Receiving
Morgan A. Meeks  Bookkeeping
Angela G. Melton Assistant Branch Manager
Gregory M. Mick Paying and Receiving
Deborah J. Milton Paying and Receiving
Betty J. Morris Paying and Receiving
Wesley O. Neal Bookkeeping

Robin C. Nicely

Loan Assistant
P - Q - R  
Carrie M. Parsons  Paying and Receiving
Tyrone Y. Perry  Information Technology Manager 
Joy M. Persinger  Paying and Receiving
Trisa K. Radcliffe Accounting
Loraine S. Rappold Bookkeeping
Tabatha K. Rexroad  Loan Operations
Floyd L. Reynolds Credit Review Officer
Daniel M. Roberts Vice President and Senior Lending Officer
Arnold L. Rollins Accounting
S - T - U  
David B. Sampson Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Thomas P. Schmader, IV Loan Officer
Kelly L. Shaw Paying and Receiving
Margie M. Shirkey Electronic Banking
Tammy J. Sovine Data Process Verification
Hope A. Story Paying and Receiving
Donna J. Stowers Paying and Receiving
Kera D. Taylor Proof Operations
Rita K. Thomasson Bookkeeping Manager
A. Kaye Turley Proof Operations
 V - W - X - Y - Z  
George E. Wallace Collections Officer
Joyce A. Weiskircher Human Resources Manager
Teresa K. White Paying and Receiving 
J. R. Wilson President and Chief Executive Officer
John R. Wilson, Jr. Vice President and Chief Operations Officer
George E. Woodward Branch Manager

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